13" Double Eye Premium Cake Bread Pizza Danish Dough Whisk sourdough Bread

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100% food-safe: The wooden handle is made of oak wood and is treated with 100% nature oil. Make everything from gluten-free bread to pizza dough, or even delicate pastries

Made of high-grade stainless steel, the whisk is rust-resistant, easy to clean, safe, and durable.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Expertly engineered with an extra-long handle for the best grip, whilst easing hand strain. Unlike other whisks, our traditional whisks have wire loops to easily cut through stiff dough and thick batters, without creating extra gluten.

This tool is easy to clean and hassle-free as you incorporate ingredients for all your favorite recipes. Whisks for cooking, dough blender, bread mixer, bread making equipment, whisk for baking

Guaranteed for return or refund with any question, if you are not satisfied with it.