Natural Olive Wood Tongs - Unique - Hand Carved by artisans in Europe - Accessories Serving Utensil - Bread, Salad, Baking - Perfect gift

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Olive Wood
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The kitchen tongs are made of natural Olivewood. It is strong and durable, insulated and heat-resistant, non-toxic and harmless, and a smooth finish that will not cause scratches. Tongs are durable, cleanable, long-lasting, lightweight, and a perfect gift for lovers and friends at special events.

When your olive wood piece looks dull and uninteresting, you should use a bit of olive oil to rub it. These tongs are available at a reasonable price.

Product Name: Wooden Tongs
Product Type: Handmade
Product Material: Natural Olive Wood
Cleanable & Reusable: Yes
Eco-friendly: Yes
Set Includes: 1 pcs of wooden tongs
Food-Safe: Yes
Ready to Ship: Yes
Purpose: To serve Salad, Pasta, Etc

Please use warm or hot water with liquid oil to wash it. Keep away these tongs from the sunlight. Please don't use a dishwasher to clean it, and also, don't dry it with heating. Otherwise, it can be cracked. You can use a bit of olive oil with cotton to get a new and attractive set when it looks dull and uninteresting. Don't use certain foods or products that change the color or leave scent like beetroot and garlic, respectively.

You can offer these hand-crafted tongs as a gift to lovers, friends, and dear ones.

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