RUSTIC OLIVE WOOD Chess Board with Pieces - 36 CM - Decorative, beautifully detailed entirely unique piece of art - Handcrafted - A perfect gift!

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Olive Wood
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HANDMADE DURABLE OLIVE WOODEN CHESSBOARD SET made of European grown olive tree wood!.

This chessboard set is durable, long-lasting, lightweight, cleanable, easy to carry, reusable, a unique gift for chess lovers. One chessboard and 16 pieces per side (one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns) are included in this set.

Along with a decorative and attractive design, you can carry it t everywhere. We made this high-quality chessboard set using genuine olive wood, each piece is entirely unique. All the pieces are handcrafted and made with reliable material, olive wood. I

Unique chess sets. Unique from piece to piece! No two will ever be the same, varying in size, shape and colour!.

☛ Product Name: Chessboard Set
☛ Product Material: Olive Wood
☛ Cleanable & Reusable: Yes
☛ Condition: 100% New
☛ Board Dimension: 36 cm x 36 cm (Aprox)
☛ Chess Field Area: 20 cm x 20 cm
☛ Purpose: Gift for Chess Lovers, Home decor
☛ Ready to Ship: Yes

Please note: All products differ a little in shape, grain, and texture regarding natural conditions.

This chess board set is the perfect gift for chess lovers. So, you can offer it as a gift at special events like wedding ceremonies, engagement celebrations, and birthday parties.

Please use warm water with washing liquid by hand. If you want to maintain the beauty of this chess set, apply any vegetable oil. Olive wood items should not be washed in the dishwasher as heat washes away the natural oils and causes quick drying, resulting in cracking.


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